Remodeling any part of your home is difficult when there is a budget in mind. Deciding between the items to invest verse smaller decor items is where the budget comes in handy.

Trying to figure out what to splurge on and save will help decide the overall layout and design of the bathroom remodel. No matter the size of the budget, it can be tough sticking to one. The first step is by setting up the budget up-front to make the entire remodel process run smoothly.

We’re grabbing a couple of design tips from designers from HGTV on what to splurge on and save in a beautiful bathroom.

  1. Prioritize the splurge: The main focal point to the bathroom is figuring out what’s most important in the overall design. Once you’ve decided on what’s important, the overall design comes together. Items to consider when splurging would be a deep soaker tub or a glass walk-in shower. Filling the space up with decor and light fixtures shouldn’t have to cost a lot.
  2. Items you love: For every room in your home there should be that one thing you love and couldn’t live without. This feeling should carry into the bathroom as well. Finding that one statement piece of artwork or mirrors to hang over your vanity would be an item of love.
  3. Flooring: Splurging on the flooring in the bathroom is a must! You can go with an easy wood grain tile or spice it up with a marble mosaic, the options are limitless. If you want to go the extra mile, investing in a heated floor makes chilly morning showers your new favorite thing!
  4. Give your walls some flare: The bathroom is a smaller space compared to the rest of your home. One way to add some flare is by making a statement on a designated wall with a fun wallpaper or incorporating textures and fun colors in that space. Wallpaper is a game changer and transforms such a small space.
  5. Add style with the hardware: The hardware in the bathroom can easily be switched out for new and create an entire different vibe. Choosing a fun hardware shape or finish can really set the tone of the space. Most hardware is budget-friendly too!
  6. Splurge on lighting: Depending on where your bathroom is in the home, splurging on good lighting can help brighten up the space. While you’re splurging on the lighting, make sure to pick out something that fits the space and will add character to the room.
  7. Splurge on the brand: There are just some items that you’ll have to splurge on because of the name brand. Name brand items such as tile or light fixtures can create a beautiful oasis for a long time.
  8. Simplicity: You can always save on being simplistic about your decor! Keep it clean with a simple tile in the shower, while using that splurge on the mosaic flooring or custom vanity.

There are always ways to save and stay on budget when remodeling your bathroom. Splurging should be a must-have in that space that’s a total game changer. Set the mood with your own style and create a space where you’ll love to have a soak!

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