Trends toward:  Touch Screens. Voice commands. Artificial intelligence. Sound familiar?

As our lives become more intertwined with technology, the kitchen is no different as all of the spaces in which we eat, play and recharge within are being changed by smart technology.

For 2018, kitchen cabinets trends are falling into one of two ‘schools of thought’:


Smart Technology

Home appliances are are becoming more user focused via sophisticated add-ons; additions such as touch screens, voice commands, artificial intelligence, and smart controls are making their way into kitchen cabinets.




Despite this general interest and excitement around modernity and smart technology, the other perspective shows us an equally as effective trend when it comes to maintaining a classic and timeless space. Homeowners are choosing to revel in a simpler time, meaning kitchen cabinet trends in 2018 will be heavy on nostalgia and classic appeal from a simpler time.

Here are the top trends for kitchen cabinets for 2018:


Pet Incorporation

Our furry friends are a huge part of our lives, so it only makes sense that we’d design spaces that keep them in mind. In 2018, industry trends predicts that the typical setup will change to really incorporate our pets and their needs. Marsh can be made to accommodate our household pets. Design options and ideas popping up everywhere are designated feeding stations, under the counter areas specific to your pet, special pull-out drawers to store pet food and toys, and cabinets that come down to hide it all away for when you are entertaining guests.

This makes for a sleek, sophisticated and clean look, while helping to keep your kitchen organized and running smoothly. The best part is that with custom kitchen, your entire kitchen will look like it was made to fit, and there won’t be any awkward, unsightly add-ons when designing your pet station.



Clever Storage

The days of sprawling houses and abundant space are slipping away from us, especially when it comes to millennials. With the housing market continuing to be so competitive and pricey, more people are choosing to live simpler and smaller. We are finding ourselves in tighter living situations than previous generations had, and with this comes the need for creative storage solutions. Designers and interior enthusiasts are looking at how they can maximize spaces by creating clever storage units and incorporating that into kitchen cabinets.

Some ways in which we’re seeing this happen is with vertical space. For those who don’t have the space for a walk-in pantry, designers are using the height of the kitchen to store food products, with tall pull-out drawers and cabinetry. Often times, these are tucked away in small spaces next to the fridge or between the stove and counter. With the option of pulling it out and then folding back in, the space looks organized and larger.

With the art of decluttering being on trend, designers have taken this into consideration by cleaning up countertops. Under the sink or counter pull-out drawers are commonly seen, with just enough space to store some tall soap bottles, a sponge and drying cloth.

Islands are aesthetically appealing, but they also can serve as a great storage unit. Often not used to their full potential, we’re seeing islands transformed into multiple unit storage, as well as beautiful areas for housing beverages and wine. Installing a wine fridge within your island is an option, or even a simple wine rack.



Rustic Modern

With that shifting back into a time of classicism with a rustic feel, cabinet finishes are going timeless but with a touch of modernity. Heavy grained woods such as black walnut is a popular choice, as it conveys warmth while bringing in texture. This is a great option for those who wish to have a long-lasting look to their kitchen. For those who aren’t into the wood feel, the classic black and white kitchen is still going strong. With the high contrast making a strong aesthetic appeal, the look is not only timeless, but creates a link between country and modern.



Copper Accents

A trend that became hugely popular in 2017 were copper accents. With a monochrome or muted colour palette in cabinetry and flooring, the copper accents add a lovely warm touch. Taking this trend even further in 2018, we’re starting to see copper being incorporated into areas such as appliances, as homeowners are looking for a contrast between the black and white.



Natural Wood

A relatively newer trend, one that hasn’t appeared on the design radar for quite some time is natural wood. In kitchen cabinets, natural ash wood is poised to take off as a huge design must. It conveys warmth, peace, and a very inviting atmosphere of nostalgia and hominess. Paired with darker accents such as black hardware, the effect is beautiful but understated.

In short, the future of kitchen cabinets for the time being is a mix of the old and new, with timeless designs and materials incorporated with a touch of modern flair. But don’t take our word for it. If you are looking for more inspiration for your next kitchen cabinet project, pinterest is always a great source for ideas.