Whether you’re fighting for wall space and storage or you want to have that gorgeous kitchen you saw on HGTV, open shelves offer those options plus more. No one can escape that Pinterest look that is serene, modern and lovely all in one picture.

Although they are gorgeous, are they actually practical within your home? Here are a couple reasons why people have chosen the open shelve concept within their home.

Increase Storage

Anyone living in an apartment or smaller home can attest to the small, awkward and not utilized cabinets that are above the refrigerator. Those awkward cabinets are useless and don’t serve a purpose, so instead people are turning to open shelving. With cabinets that are higher up, out of reach, and positioned in a corner aren’t ideal for the kitchen queen. Why? The open shelves create more storage and space that wasn’t being utilized correctly.

Brighten Up Your Space

Not enough natural light in a kitchen will make the space feel small and enclosed. Old and dark upper cabinets can have an effect on the entire look of the space. By tearing those out and adding in floating shelves will open up the space tremendously.

Easy to Organize

With regular cabinetry, items inside seem to get messy and unorganized. Why? Nobody will see the inside of the cabinets so what’s the point. Open shelving gives you a reason to show off your new china or cool martini glasses in an organized manner.

Less Expensive

Traditional cabinetry that hang on the wall with closed doors are more expensive than open shelving. Open shelving can be put up multiple ways. This way allows you to be more creative with how you hang the open shelves.

Don’t be afraid to try something new within your space, especially if it’s saving you money, brightening up your space and will increase your storage space. One test could be removing the doors on your cabinets to see if you’d like the exposed look. Open shelves will be your new best friend and feature within your kitchen.

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